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Approach to a circular collection concept

The idea: To show an alternative to fashion consumption, to walk the other way. To present design as an ongoing process and within that to create favourite items, which do not necessarily have to be owned, but can be shared with other (favourite) people. In terms of Cradle to Cradle principles to work as sustainable as possible. To find and steadily improve healthy manufacturing ways without any harm for nature and humans. We believe only this can show the real beauty in a collection. Awareness and understanding for our clothes' value are created, suggestions and empowerment to mend damaged garments are given.

otherways[project] is the approach to a circular collection concept, which begins with the use of sustainable materials. The circular concept shifts its focus from ownership to usership and extends a garment's lifecycle. Visible mending of damages following traditional Japanese techniques transform garments through participatory craft of use into art and tell stories of former wearers. To close the loop garments can be composted or transit into up- and recycling at the end of their lifecycle.

otherways[project] unites a variety of sustainable approaches. This integrates ethical and ecological aspects as well as an alternative consumption concept. To follow the principle of transparency all available product data are shown and enable other brands the possibility of using our sources.

Jumpsuit made with zero waste pattern cutting

Fabric: Enschede Textielstadt 

Buttons: Courtney&Co

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