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Design und Produktion

All designs are timeless, not trend related and combinable with different styles.

This enables a longer lifecycle and flexibility in choosing diverse outfits. Our collection is not defined by seasons, which would make them become obsolete. Furthermore, new designs can be added as needed without taking older garments their concept compability. Visible mending due to usage damages leads to beautiful utility design and develops its own character (Craft of Use). We would like to encourage our customers to repair and care for what they already have.

otherways[project] develops hand knits as well as machine knits. In their production only a very small amount of waste in terms of thread off-cuts exists. Other garments relate to zero waste techniques and also leave only a small amount of leftovers. Sides have bigger seam allowences to enable adjustments to different body shapes through lifetime. At the same time less seams means less production time and less use of yarn. Less resources are needed due to a smaller energy consumption within production. Zero waste pattern making reduces fabric waste due to its specific design process where every single part of a cloth is used.

An imprinted QR-Code makes collecting information on materials, the garment's background and care instructions possible. Furthermore it helps in the recycling process, helpful material information can be gathered easily.

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